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Melanie​ Malchuk has extensive investigative experience in both administrative and criminal investigations, adjudication and  deciding administrative penalties and sentences.  

Melanie's background is in 20 years of policing, the Alberta Human Rights Commission,  Correctional Services of Alberta and Elections Alberta in the various roles of supervisor, officer, adjudicator, and investigator.  Melanie's professionalism, impartiality and integrity will impress and serve.  

Melanie's services include:

  • Harassment/ Bullying Investigations and Policy    -  With the new Occupational Health and Safety Act changes, it is now required by law that employers accept and competently investigate complaints of bullying/harassment in the workplace.  Melanie's workplace investigations include investigation plans, taking statements, examining exhibits, presenting the investigation within a written report, debriefs and includes recommendations on how best to mitigate the situation and avoid similar future occurrences.
  • Human Rights Investigations and Policy   -  One of the areas under the Alberta Human Rights Act is employment including hiring and employment practices.   Again, it is within human rights law that an employer must investigate an employee's complaint of human rights violations and address those violations in a way to remedy the situation for the complainant. If you need to implement policy, review policy , or respond to a human rights complaint, Melanie can do this for you.  
  • Election Investigations  -  Melanie has experience in investigating and enforcing Alberta's election and election finances laws.  Through interviews,  examination of exhibits, audits and reports, Melanie can determine any possible contraventions and recommend either administrative punishments or risk mitigation for political parties.  
  • Integrity Investigations - Integrity is paramount in avoiding conflict of interest occurrences and facilitating and managing Whistle Blowing / Safe Disclosure.   Melanie can determine integrity, within an individual or an organization, through interviews, examination of evidence, audits, internet searches , and report those findings within a detailed report.  MIC can entirely manage an organizations' Safe Disclosure program through intake, referral, investigation and reporting.